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Superior quality funnel system designed for transferring fuel in a marine environment.
• CABINET: The cabinet of the LilliPad Marine Funnel provides for seamless fuel transfer in a sleek and compact unit allowing it to be mounted in a high traffic area such as a dock without degrading the landscape.
• LID: Keeps water and contaminants out yet allows fuel vapors to escape.
• CUT OUT: Easily hold your fuel container in one position by placing the mouth of your fuel can into the cut-out in the cabinet.
• SCREEN: Innovative design virtually eliminates fuel splashing
• NOZZLE: Aircraft grade, machined, aluminum-construction provides decades of effective, no-drip fueling.
‹ HOSE: Clear hose allows users to view fuel transfer and to ensure complete removal of all fuel after use.
• BALL VALVE: ?Stainless steel ball valve allows maximum flow and exceptional corrosion resistance. The valve allows a user to start and stop fuel from flowing or to minimize flow when fueling into smaller tanks such as a leaf blower or chain saw.
• MODULAR MOUNT SYSTEM: The modular mount system of the LilliPad Marine Funnel allows the funnel to be easily installed and removed. Additional mount brackets are sold separately to allow for multiple mount locations.
• CAPACITY: The funnel canister has a fuel capacity of two gallons.
Item Number592-1003
ManufacturerLILLI PAD
Manufacturer Item1003-MF
DescriptionMarine Funnel
Price$289.99 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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