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3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound + Wax combines medium cutting power with durable wax for professional-grade one-step gelcoat compounding. It removes major defects and scratches P1000 or finer, and leaves a glossy wax finish that helps protect against weathering and may not require polishing.

• 3M’s fast-cutting gelcoat formula for removing oxidation and scratches of P1000 or finer
• Can be used to cut, polish and wax in one step, reducing time and expense
• Formula provides longer wet time for extended product life and easier cleanup
• Suitable for all non-silicone-sensitive gelcoat surfaces
Item Number551-36106
Manufacturer Item051131-36106
DescriptionPerfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound Quart
Price$46.45 (each)
AvailabilityOut of Stock
MSDSProduct MSDS Sheet
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