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Nothing spoils the look of your carefully maintained boat more than mildew. Its unsightly presence and unpleasant odor make your boat seem old and unkempt. Worst of all, mildew is time-consuming to remove and all but impossible to prevent from recurring. 3M Mildew Block protects your boat and helps you keep it fresh and looking like new. Its special formula is designed to work on most marine materials and surfaces. Creates a long-lasting, invisible barrier that resists mildew growth and maintains that fresh, clean look. Simply spray it on for long-lasting protection in any marine enviroment. Spend less time cleaning, more time boating with this product. 3M Marine Mildew Block works on virtually any marine surface including: Canvas - Carpeting - Deck Furniture - Rub Rails - Sail Fabric - Seat Cushions - Showers - Upholstery Vinyl Windows - And More!
Item Number551-9065
Manufacturer Item051131-09065
DescriptionMarine Mildew Block 16.9 ounce
Price$25.15 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
MSDSProduct MSDS Sheet
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