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Marine High Performance 85W-90 Gear Oill is a high performance mineral gear oil engineered specifically for marine applications. It utilizes Extreme Pressure and anti-wear additives to provide maximum gear and bearing protection under the severe conditions of high load, high speed and water contamination and is fortified with rust, corrosion, oxidation and foam inhibitors. Marine Mineral Gear Oil maintains maximum Extreme Pressure and anti-wear performance even when contaminated with up to 25% water. Marine Mineral Gear Oil meets or exceeds the requirements of all major marine gear drive OEMs.
Item Number144-1899
Manufacturer Item99735-BT4
DescriptionMarine High Performance 85W-90 Gear Oil 4-Liter (1.05 Gal)
Price$41.15 (each)
AvailabilityOut of Stock
MSDSProduct MSDS Sheet
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