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• We hot dip galvanize our top in three individual pieces, for maximum coverage and protection against corrosion.
• Our marine-grade plywood is through bolted to it's galvanized backings plate, not screwed.
• Our tops are fastened with 316L stainless steel bolts and with nylon backing nuts, for strength and longevity.
• Our rod to backing plate connection is slotted, so weight rests on the solid steel rod, not the bolt.
• Our solid-steel rod is precision ACME threaded, providing increased adjustability under load.
• Increased length of wing nut collar, increased contact area provides increased strength.
Item Number480911
ManufacturerMARINE MART
Manufacturer ItemBS-TOPM
Description23" Boat Stand Top Only Grey
Price$65.89 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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