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Perimeter-lighted white dial with bold black graphics, black aluminum bezel, contoured black pointer, and flat glass lens. Electronic synchronizers work by comparing the pulse frequencies generated by the ignition systems, alternators, tachometer signal generators, or magnetic pickup senders of dual engine installations. The synchronizer is hooked up to +12 vDC, Ground, and to each tachometer's signal source. By selecting the right synchronizer (magnetic pickup that use synchronizers that function only in that application) and setting the switch on the back to the correct position, you let the synchronizer compare the frequency of pulses sent per each engine's revolution. From this information, the synchronizer displays a variance in engine speed by swinging its pointer toward the slower engine.
Item Number327-0905
Manufacturer Item32907
DescriptionEuro White 4" Synchronizer (Dual Engine)
Price$156.99 (Each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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