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Designed for use with small motors, big motors and inflatable dinghies. Molded in 2 pieces of guaranteed unbreakable, high strength plastic. Each foil is designed to flex independently to absorb shock. Positive effects include greater stability, consistent planing at lower RPM. Improves overall performance - even on boats with well designed hulls. Save up to 30% on fuel consumption. Faster out-of-the-hole for happier water skiers. Maintain lower planing speeds without constant throttle adjustments for wakeboarding, tubing or beginning skiers. Less bow rise for better visibility and increased safety. Simple 15 minute installation; hardware included. Color: Black.
Item Number251-0755
Manufacturer Item440
DescriptionBlack Doel Fin Outboard Stabilizer
Price$39.99 (each)
AvailabilityOut of Stock
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