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The OzzyMat traps particulate down to 50 microns in size but more importantly contains Ozzys (microbes). The Ozzy microbes, impregnated in the OzzyMat, are transported along with the OzzyJuice into the SmartWasher tank. These naturally occurring Ozzy microbes eat the grease, oil, and other contaminants cleaned off the dirty parts and create the harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water. This bioremediation process leaves the OzzyJuice clean and strong and ready to use time after time without the need to change, evacuate or haul away dirty parts washing fluid.
Change the OzzyMat once a month to maintain clean OzzyJuice.
Item Number224-14124
Manufacturer Item14124
DescriptionFL-4 OzzyMat Multi-Layer Filter 6-Pack 290542
Price$29.59 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
Product Data SheetProduct Data Sheet
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