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The most modern, inexpensive, safe method of shoring up boats. Saves time, eliminates costly, cumbersome cradles and refitting wooden shoring at each hauling. Easily adjusted. Boat's weight rests on keel blocks stabilized with boat stands. How to Choose: Boat stands are to stabilize the boat and the keel blocking supports the boat's weight. Measurements should be taken from the ground to the flat of the hull (including the keel blocking). Number Required: A minimum of four boat stands should be used with powerboats and a minimum of five boat stands should be used with sailboats. Make sure the boat stands are snug against the hull and the keel blocks are supporting the keel and not sinking into the ground. Do not tie tarps to the boat stands. Nestable and stackable boat stand bases should be kept painted with rust preventative paint.Angle iron tread plates to prevent damage to pavement Full length center pipe on all sizes for stability and thread protection All bases totally submerged in paint to ensure full coverage both inside and out Sailboat stands can also be used for deep vee-bottom motor boat hulls Constructed of steel tubing for highest quality and strength Nestable to 3" apart for ease of storing and shipping Safety chains to be used with sailboat stands - 3/16" chain
Item Number164-0230
Manufacturer ItemSB3
Description35-52" Nestable Sailboat Stand with Orange Top
Price$213.00 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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