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The Kuuma Cooler has thick, seamless walls which means more insulation and longer ice retention. The sealing gasket keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. It also has two hinges that are built into the lid to prevent damage. The Kuuma cooler is a rotomolded one-piece cooler, which means it won't crack or break. Rotomolded coolers are more durable because they're made from one piece-not glued together at the seams like other coolers. With extreme durability and superior ice retention, this cooler is perfect for all your outdoor activities. Bring it hunting, fishing or camping and help keep your food from going bad.

14.2" (H) x 18" (W) x 13.5" (D)
Item Number178-8367
ManufacturerKUUMA - CAMCO
Manufacturer Item58367
DescriptionKuuma Cooler 20 Liter White
Price$219.99 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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