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K100-MD is the only product in the market with proprietary chemistry that encapsulates water molecules in ULSD, bio-diesel and home heating fuels providing a complete burn. Premium fuel treatment for on-road, off-road and marine applications.

• Stabilizes fuel up to 2 years
• Water eliminator
• Complete injector cleaner
• Superior lubricity agent
• Disolves sludge
• Revitalizes old fuel
• Cetane & mileage booster
• Revolutionary anti-gel formula
• Microbe growth eliminator
• Made in U.S.A.
• Eliminating water in fuel since 1965
Item Number133-4045
Manufacturer Item405
DescriptionK100-D+ Diesel Fuel Treatment with Enhanced Stabilizers 8oz
Treats 60 Gallons 289668
Price$7.99 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
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