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Bronze Thru Hull Transducer Tri Beam, 200/83/455 khz, 200/60/40 degrees. 30' cable. Transducer dimensions: 5.25" L X 2.75"W X 1.25" D. Shaft: 7/8" Diameter. Can also be used as a quad beam transducer on most of the products listed below.

For Use with:
1157c 300 TX (tri beam only) 400 TX (tri beam only 717 718 727 728 737 747c 755c 757c 767 768 777c2 778C 785 c2 787c2 787c2I 788C 917C 931C 931C DF 937C 937C DF 957 MATRIX 35 MATRIX 37 PiranhaMax 180 (tri beam only) WIDE OPTIC (tri beam only) WIDE PANORAMA (tri beam only) WIDE PARAMOUNT (tri beam only) WIDE PORTRAIT(tri beam only)
Item Number399-2435
Manufacturer Item 710063-1
DescriptionXTH 6 TB 90 Bronze Thru Hull Transducer Tri Beam 200/60/40 Degree (200/83/455kHz)
Price$134.99 (each)
AvailabilityIn Stock
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